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Have you chosen a legal structure for your Social Firm business? Are you in the process of choosing a legal structure for your Social Firm business? If you are in either of these situations, and are considering the use of the Company Limited by Guarantee, then this new resource will be of interest to you. Social Firms UK, in partnership with Geof Cox at Economic Partnerships Ltd, has recognised that the majority of Social Firms are currently choosing to adopt the Guarantee Company form and have taken the steps of forming a template Memorandum and Articles for Social Firms wanting to register their business in this way. The template is provided in Word document format so that the individual Social Firm details can be easily inserted, the PDF provides useful background and contextual information around this particular legal form, and explanation of the actual articles and objects contained in the Mem & Arts. The normal price of £20 is for non-members of Social Firms UK. The 'special price' of £10 is for members of Social Firms UK.  To order email