Guide to charities starting Social Firms

Geof Cox, Economic Partnerships Ltd; commissioned by Social Firms UK
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This guide is intended to assist Charities that are considering setting up or 'floating off' a Social Firm. It focuses on the legal and technical aspects of the work and addresses such questions as: - can a Social Firm trading activity be carried on as part of the charity, or should it be floated off, for instance in a subsidiary or linked company? - how is running a Social Firm different from running a charity? - what support can the charity offer - in cash or in kind - to a subsidiary or linked Social Firm? - can a charity transfer its own assets and staff to a Social Firm, and if so, how? The guide costs £20 for members of Social Firms UK and £40 for non-members of Social Firms UK. Below are some sample pages to download. To order, contact

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