Network membership

Network Membership

If jumping straight into Corporate Membership is too big a step for your company, then Network Membership might be a more suitable alternative.  This option enables you and your staff to learn more about the Social Firm and social enterprise sector without making the full financial commitment associated with Corporate Membership. With access to all learning and information about social enterprise development for your staff provided by Social Firms UK, and invitation to regular network meetings, you can learn about the range of forward thinking initiatives that are evolving within the broader social enterprise sector. You can also enjoy the benefits of connecting with people and organisations that aspire to improve the world in which we live.

Network Members can access free advice from the team at Social Firms UK about development of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and will receive regular email bulletins.

Social Firms UK’s strategic partnership with the recycling and re-use sector in the UK, managed and represented by an organisation called REalliance, also offers Network Members the opportunity to learn about and link into the initiatives on environmental sustainability.

Network Membership rates for a 12 month period (Jan - Dec), payable yearly or quarterly:

  • Companies with a turnover of >£1m pa:             £400 + VAT
  • Companies with a turnover of <£1m pa:             £200 + VAT

Should your company wish to progress from being a Network Member to Corporate Member then you will qualify for a 10% discount. 

For a Network Membership application form please click here.