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How Can I Find A Job In A Social Firm?

Social Firms UK seeks to advise and support people setting up Social Firm businesses, not to find jobs for individuals. We would obviously like, one day, to be able to signpost individual enquiries to a Social Firm in every town of the country, but until we achieve that kind of critical mass we are unable to assist individuals seeking work in Social Firms through us. You can get information, support and advice from a Disability Employment Advisor (DEA) and Access to Work through Job Centre Plus. Job Centre Plus are undergoing a major re-vamp with disability as the focus. Also try Connexions or try the CanDo index, which is an index for employers and employees focused on disabilities. Another good place for information is the Disabled Workers co-operative website which is another website for employers and job seekers focused on disabilities. To go direct to their job search visit here. Direct Gov has comprehensive information regarding organisations providing advice and support for disabled people looking for employment. There are also a couple of organisations who have set up online forums specifically for disabled people with a focus on employment, and these may provide a good support network for people to share experiences. Finally, Scope has set up an exciting graduate development programme to provide career opportunities for disabled people.

How Can I Find A Job In A Social Firm?

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