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How & Why To Join Social Firms UK

Either download this PDF of the Membership Application Form complete and return to us by post or email, or contact us for a hard copy of the Membership Application Form and we can post it to you. If contacting us for a hard copy, please remember to include your full postal address.

In the 2007 Members Survey, the words most frequently used to describe Social Firms UK were: informative, supportive, and friendly. Find out more about what they said about us...

Member Services

1st January - 31 December 2008

There are two types of membership: Full (for emerging Social Firms and Social Firms only) and Associate (for everyone else including potential Social Firms, i.e. those that donít have a business plan to become a Social Firm yet). To simplify the application process we ask all applicants to complete an Associate member application form at a cost of £120 for the period January to December 2008. Branches of the same organisation can become members at a reduced rate of £60.

Of the £120 membership fee, £60 gets passed by Social Firms UK directly onto the regional and national networks. You may therefore wish to take a look at the Regional / National Networks section of the website to see what your regional / national network is involved and active in doing, as well as the Events Diary to see what your region / nation has listed as forthcoming.

Member Services will vary between the nations and regions of the UK as project funding regimes often have restrictions on eligible areas. While Social Firms UK and national/regional networks have to work within the constraints of project funding regimes solving geographical disparities is a priority so that all members have access to all or the majority of the following services.

The work carried out by Social Firms UK can be categorised into the two main areas of:
- lobbying and awareness raising
- practical initiatives to increase the number of Social Firms. The benefits of being a Social Firms UK member reflect these two main areas of work and are as follows:

Member Services

Reduced delegate fees at our events for all your employees;

Membership of the national Social Enterprise Coalition (SEC), including discounted rates at their events and on their publications where applicable;

In some regions/nations, joint membership is included of other social enterprise/Social Firm networks (please enquire for details);

Reduced rates for resources - some are even free to members;

Access to the Members Forum on the Social Firms UK website, including a discussion board and free downloads;

Regular news updates on the Social Firm sector;

Discount on subscription to Social Enterprise Magazine (from £65 to £50)

A free copy of the Performance Dashboard (retailed to non-members at £90);
Free support and advice on attaining the Star Social Firm quality mark;
Free assessment of your Social Firm status on request.


Download the membership application form or request one by emailing .

The Linked Membership Scheme means that one membership subscription results in membership of Social Firms UK and the appropriate national/regional network where that member is based. This enables members to access a further range of services developed by national/regional networks where resources allow.

Non-members can access the following range of Social Firms UK services:
- general queries about Social Firms to Social Firms UK officers (response to members takes priority over non-members):
- attendance at dissemination/promotion events, either where there is no charge due to the main objective being awareness raising, or where there is a different charge for non-members from members;
- addition to a mailing list for promotional materials, conference and event information, general publications on the work of Social Firms UK;
- access to the Social Firms UK Resource Centre (at a charge Ė see the Resources section of this website).

How & Why To Join Social Firms UK

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