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Below are useful links to various organisations' websites.  To look for a particular type of organisation, please click on the appropriate category on the left hand column of this page. 

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A -
Access Funds up-to-date information on grants for the UK charity sector - http://www.access-funds.co.uk
Association of British Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL) - http://www.abcul.org
Association Of Disabled Professionals - http://www.adp.org.uk

The ADP draws on the expertise of disabled professionals to improve the educational and employment opportunities of disabled people.

B -
Baker Brown Associates - http://www.bakerbrown.co.uk
BASE - http://www.afse.org.uk

BASE - British Association for Supported Employment (merged organisation of AfSE, the Association for Supported Employment, and NASE, the National Association for Supported Employment.

Business Link - http://www.businesslink.gov.uk

This website hosts a selection of downloadable, brief marketing guides.

C -
Can Do Exchange - http://www.candoexchange.org

A resource exchange for voluntary and community groups and individuals working for social benefit. Everything from mini-buses to professional skills is available for exchange via purchase, barter or gift.

CAN – Growing Social Business (formally Community Action Network) - http://www.can-online.org.uk

CAN supports social entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses and maximise their social impact. CAN provides office space, business support and funds. This is done through: Social Investment - leveraging capital funds and strategic growth support into leading social enterprises. CAN Mezzanine - award-winning, sustainable social enterprise providing high-quality shared office accommodation.

Charities Aid Foundation - http://www.cafonline.org
Charity Bank - http://www.charitybank.org
Charity Times Online publishes regular updates on the latest grants programmes - http://www.charitytimes.com
Chartered Institute Of Marketing (CIM) - http://cim.co.uk

CIM has created a free online marketing planning guide that aims to provide marketing support to all regardless of their expertise.

Chipmunka Publishing - http://www.chipmunkapublishing.com/index.htm

This is an inspirational Social Enterprise publishing company focussing on real-life mental health stories.

Co-operative Assistance Network - http://www.co-op-assist.co.uk
Co-operative Futures - http://www.co-operativefutures.coop

Co-operative Futures is a dynamic co-operative policy and development agency supporting the development of social enterprises in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Co-operatives UK - http://www.cooperatives-uk.coop

National umbrella body for the co-operative sector.

Co-operatives UK - http://www.cooperatives-uk.coop

Co-operatives UK offers its members practical assistance to bost their public profiles.

CO3 Online - http://www.co3.coop/

This social enterprise consultancy has relaunched its website with a range of useful resources.

Comic Relief - http://www.comicrelief.com

The deadline for the second cycle of Comic Relief grants (those above £5,000) was 13th January. One of the categories which they will consider supporting is mental health. Applicants are advised that approval may take 5-months from the application deadli

Communicability - http://communicability.org/index.html

Communicability helps disabled people whose disability leads to a communications problem – whether it be one that directly affects the senses such ass deafness, or like mobility problems, makes it hard to use communications facilities and strategies. The Trust offers support, information and advice but, primarily, by giving small grants to enable disabled people to purchase communications equipment. All applications have to be supported by a professional person with knowledge of the applicant and their disability – this might be your GP, social worker, teacher, therapist etc.

Communicability - http://communicability.org/index.html

Communicability helps disabled people whose disability leads to a communications problem – whether it be one that directly affects the senses such ass deafness, or like mobility problems, makes it hard to use communications facilities and strategies. The Trust offers support, information and advice but, primarily, by giving small grants to enable disabled people to purchase communications equipment. All applications have to be supported by a professional person with knowledge of the applicant and their disability – this might be your GP, social worker, teacher, therapist etc.

Community Business Scotland - http://www.ssec.org.uk/
Community Development Finance Association - http://www.cdfa.org.uk
Community Foundation Network (CFN) - http://www.communityfoundations.org.uk

CFN is the national network linking, promoting and supporting over 60 community foundations throughout England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Community Foundations are charitable trusts that promote and support local voluntary and community activity.

Community Interest Company (CIC) Regulator - http://www.cicregulator.gov.uk

Community Interest Companies (CICs) are designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. CICs are easy to set up, with all the flexibility and certainty of the company form, but with some special features to ensure they are working for the benefit of the community. A major benefit of becoming a CIC is the fundamental feature of the ‘asset lock’. This term covers all the provisions designed to ensure that the assets and profits of a CIC are retained by the CIC to be used solely to serve the community, or can be transferred to another CIC or charity.

Community Network - http://www.community-network.org

The conference call charity - linking groups by phone.

Community Recycling Network - http://www.crn.org.uk

Membership organisation promoting community based sustainable waste management as a practical and effective way of tackling the UK's growing waste problem.

Consortium For Enterprise Outreach (CEO) - http://www.c-e-o.eu.com

CEO is an 18-month pilot project funded through the Leonardo da Vinci programme to teach the process of enterprise and self-employment to 20 disabled entrepreneurs and carers each in the countries of Latvia Italy and the United Kingdom. The international partnership involves collaboration between International Consortium Partners, National partners and support organisations.

Cooperantics - http://www.cooperantics.co.uk

Cooperantics provides people skills for cooperative working. They offer a comprehensive support package to provide clients with the knowledge and expertise to ensure good co-operative working practices which are the basis for a successful co-operative business.

D -
Department for Work and Pensions Disability Unit - http://www.disability.gov.uk
Development Trust Association - http://www.dta.org.uk
Directory of Social Change - http://www.trustfunding.org.uk and www.companygiving.org.uk

On-line resources for fundraisers.

Disability Rights Commission - http://www.drc.org.uk
Disabled Workers Co-operative Forum - http://www.disabledworkers.org.uk
drugs.gov.uk - http://www.drugs.gov.uk/drug-strategy/drugs-in-workplace/rehabili...

This website provides drugs professionals with the latest news and guidance from government about the Drugs Strategy. This page talks about employment.

DTI Social Enterprise Unit - http://www.dti.gov.uk/socialenterprise
E -
EMES Network - http://www.emes.net

Academic research network which produced 'The Emergence of Social Enterprises in Europe' in 2001.

Employers Forum on Disability - http://www.employers-forum.co.uk
Enterprise4Inclusion - http://www.enterprise4inclusion.org.uk

Action Research programme financed by DEFRA.

Enterprising Communities - http://www.enterprisingcommunities.org.uk

A project of Voluntary Action Cumbria

Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust - http://www.esmeefairbairn.org.uk
Ethical Junction - http://www.ethical-junction.org

(Ethical Services throughout the UK)

Ethical shopping mall - http://www.shopethic.com
EU Disability Strategy - http://www.europa.eu.int/comm/employment_social/disability/index_...
EU Money Grants Directory - http://www.europeangrants.com

Their new directory (£25.99), available in PDF or CDRom, contains information on over 400 grants available from the European Commission. An extract can be found at this website.

European Confederation of social firms and co-operatives (CEFEC) - http://www.cefec.org/
European Social Franchising Network - http://www.socialfranchising.coop

This organisation promotes and develops the concept of social franchising on a European level and shares business ideas.

European Social Fund - http://www.esf.gov.uk/applying/Regions.asp
F -
Federation of Small Businesses - http://www.fsb.org.uk

The FSB is the largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms. Formed in 1974, it now has over 196,000 members across 33 regions and 230 branches. On the member benefits side, it offers assistance and support 24 hours a day, while its lobbying arm - led by the Westminster Press and Parliamentary office - applies pressure on MPs, Government and Whitehall, lobbies politicians in their constituencies and puts the FSB viewpoint over to the media. The FSB is non-profit making and non-party political.

Focus To Work Trust Ltd - http://www.focustowork.co.uk
Future Builders - http://www.futurebuilders-england.org.uk

For the latest on the Future Builders initiative.

G -
Get Ethical - http://www.getethical.co.uk

Portal shopping site created jointly by Red Pepper magazine and the Big Issue.

Government website - http://www.direct.gov.uk/disabledpeople/

Public Services information page for disabled people.

H -
H.M Treasury - Enterprise & Social Exclusion PAT3 - http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/documents/enterprise_and_productivi...
I -
i-genius - http://www.i-genius.org

i-genius is building a world community of social entrepreneurs and seeking to inspire a new generation to become social innovators. They are looking for individuals who are either running a project or business that is providing social benefit to join their network.

Impressions Café Restaurant - http://www.impressionsrestaurant.co.uk
Industrial Common Ownership Finance (ICOF) - http://www.icof.co.uk
Institute of Continuing Education - http://www.cont-ed.cam.ac.uk

This organisation runs a variety of accredited courses on social enterrprise.

Institute Of Directors - http://www.iod.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/GBP/I...

As a worldwide association of members, the Institute of Directors (IoD) provides a professional network that reaches into every corner of the business community, both public and private. Also see www.iod.com/bookshop

International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE) - http://www.inaise.org

(INAISE is an international membership organisation)

J -
Job Ownership Ltd - http://www.jobownership.co.uk
JobCentre Plus: Progress2Work - http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/jcp/partners/progress2work/index....

The progress2work (p2w) initiative to help people recovering from illegal drug misuse into work was developed as part of the Government’s wider approach to help those with the greatest disadvantage.

K -
Key 4 Learning Ltd - http://www.keyforlearning.com

This organisation has over 30 years experience of hidden disabilities (e.g. dyslexia, autism, ADHD etc). It educates individuals and employers alike about these disabilities.

L -
Local Investment Fund - http://www.lif.org.uk

(activities include loan finance for social enterprises, aim to set up regional community loan funds)

London Rebuilding Society - http://www.londonrebuilding.com
LVSTC (London Voluntary Sector Training Council) - http://www.lvstc.org.uk

Useful source of information on latest ESF initiatives for London-based organisations in the third sector.

M -
Manchester Progressive Enterprise Network - http://www.mpen.org.uk

An on-line directory of ethical goods and services

Master's Degree In Social Enterprise & Community Development - http://www.cont-ed.cam.ac.uk/courses/mst/community

The Master of Studies course is a two year, part-time degree, taught and administered by the Institute of Continuing Education and the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

N -
National Federation of Enterprise Agencies - http://www.smallbusinessadvice.org.uk

A free and independent source of information and advice for entrepreneurs, owner managers and workers and self employed, starting or running a business with fewer than 10 staff and based in England.

National Lottery - http://www.lotteryfunding.org.uk

This is a single front door website allowing access to information on all current Lottery funding opportunities for UK-wide organisations.

NCVO Sustainable Funding Project - http://www.ncvo-sfp.org.uk
Nearbuyou - http://www.nearbuyou.co.uk

National trading network for social enterprises and those that wish to trade with them. Registration is free.

Network 2012 - http://www.network2012.net

Network 2012 is a social networking site with a social inclusion agenda. Members can use the site to connect and network with other social enterprises and promote their own social enterprise’s goods and services. Network 2012 provides bursaries through its membership fees for start up social enterprises. A large proportion of these bursaries will go towards start up social enterprises from traditionally disadvantaged groups within our society. In this way Network 2012 hopes not only offers members the opportunity to enhance their own business growth but to enhance the growth of social enterprise itself nationwide.

New Economics Foundation - http://www.neweconomics.org

(NEF are the leading thinkers on economics with concern for people and planet)

New Opportunities Fund - http://www.nof.org.uk
New Start Magazine - http://www.newstartmag.co.uk
Newsector Magazine - http://www.newsector.co.uk
O -
Off The Streets & Into Work - http://www.osw.org.uk

OSW is a registered charity that tackles homelessness by supporting individuals to access education, training, volunteering and employment.

Office For Disability Issues - http://www.officefordisability.gov.uk

The Office for Disability Issues is the focal point within government to coordinate disability policy across all departments.

P -
Plunkett Foundation - http://www.plunkett.co.uk

An educational charity supporting the development of rural group enterprise world-wide.

PRIME - http://www.primeinitiative.org.uk

National organisation dedicated to helping people aged over 50 years to set up in business.

Primetimers - http://www.primetimers.org.uk

Business inspired solutions for the third sector.

R -
Regen School - http://www.regenschool.com

The School delivers a nationally renowned programme of learning and development for community activists, social entrepreneurs and regeneration practitioners. Based in Sheffield, the school's philosophy focuses on learning from what actually works. They p

Regeneration Magazine - http://www.regenerationmagazine.com
Regeneration Magazine 'A-Z of Funding' - http://www.regenerationmagazine.com
S -
School for Social Entrepreneurs - http://www.sse.org.uk
SCOPE - http://www.scope.org.uk/links/#empl

The UK disability organisation Scope has developed a range of services for disabled people and employers aimed at improving all aspects of the working environment.

Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health - http://www.sdcmh.org.uk
SEECOMPANIES.COM - http://www.seecompanies.com

This website promotes best social, environmental and ethical (SEE) practice. It rates companies according to categories such as workforce, ethical trade etc.

SETAS - http://www.setas.co.uk

This website provides information for social enterprises on training, funding, support services, consultancy services and useful publications

Shop Social Enterprise - http://www.shopsocialenterprise.com

Website aiming to bring new buyers and social enterprise sellers to a virtual marketplace and raise awareness of social enterprise in general.

Small Business Service - http://www.businesslink.org
Social Audit Network - http://www.socialauditnetwork.org.uk
Social Disadvantage Research Centre (SDRC) - http://www.apsoc.ox.ac.uk/sdrc/index.html

The SDRC is an inter-disciplinary social research group carrying out policy related research within the Dep Social Policy & Social Work at Oxford University.

Social Enterprise Coalition - http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk
Social Enterprise Coalition - http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk

At this website is available an online resource section covering consumer, sales and marketing topics.

Social Enterprise London (SEL) - http://www.sel.org.uk
Start Your Own Business - http://www.syob.co.uk

This is a free local newspaper designed to actively encourage entrepreneurship and to provide genuine help to anyone thinking of setting up on their own. Key features include proven ways to start a business successfully, where to find local help and where

supply2.gov.uk - http://www.supply2.gov.uk

This government website enables organisations to register and receive notification of their local procurement contract opportunities below a value of £100k completely free of charge. By registering as a supplier, Social Firms can automatically receive notification of contract opportunities local to them and compete for such contracts on an equal footing.

Surrey Supported Employment - http://www.surrey-supported-employment.co.uk
T -
The Association of Disabled Professionals - http://www.adp.org.uk
The Big Lottery - http://http://www.thebiglottery.co.uk/programmes/updates/index.ht...

Their new programmes include: 'Reaching Communities' with up to £500,000 available funding to support projects that improve the quality of life of communities.

The Czechoslovakian Social Firm Sector - http://www.socialnifirmy.cz

The Czechoslovakian Social Firm Sector

The Office Of The Regulator Of Community Interest Companies - http://www.cicregulator.gov.uk

CICs are a new type of limited company designed specifically for those wishing to operate for the benefit of the community rather than for the benefit of the owners of the company. This website provides up to date guidance about CICs.

The Percy Bilton Charity - http://www.percybiltoncharity.org.uk/index.htm

The Percy Bilton Charity offers grants for furnishing, equipment and single capital donations in the field of the disabled, youth work and older people. Organisations assisting people with disabilities for example, may apply for grants towards capital expenditure. Social workers may apply on behalf of individuals who have a disability or mental health problem, or who are over 65, for grants to purchase basic furniture, equipment and clothing.

The Society Directory - http://the-society-directory.com/


The UK Mental Health & Learning Disability List - http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/employmentlist
Triodos Bank - http://www.triodos.co.uk

(ethical bank dedicated to the social economy)

U -
Uhad2bthere - http://www.uhad2bthere.co.uk

Information website relating to disability.

UK Social Investment Forum - http://www.uksif.org
Unique Funding Opportunity No. 1 - http://www.UFONo1.com

Fundraising opportunity through buying online, with commissions going to charities and schools.

Upstarts Awards for Social Enterprise - http://www.upstarts.org.uk
V -
Via3 - http://www.via3.net

A social enterprise that provides three key services which include pooling the purchasing power of its social enterprise, ethical business and charitable sector members to bulk buy ethical products.

Viewpoint - http://www.viewpoint-research.co.uk

Market research services.

Investors In People

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