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UK Consumers get a radically new choice across a whole range of goods and services from Tuesday 24th May 2011. An enterprising group of over 180 companies covering the length and breadth of the UK are launching a major new retail initiative - Just Buy. The unique aspect of Just Buy is that every supplier is in business for good. The Just Buy directory is made up of social enterprises that predominantly employ staff who have a disability, sensory impairment, mental health problem or face some other serious disadvantage when it comes to getting a job.


Social Firms rely on their business income in order to be able to create sustainable employment for people severely disadvantaged in the open labour market.  By buying from Social Firms you can help them to do this,whilst receiving as professional and good quality a service/product as you will elsewhere.

This directory consists of products and services that can be supplied by Social Firms and Emerging Social Firms to anywhere around the country. 

Here are just some of the ethical goods available now to order. Search the trade directory for your next supplier - or call 01737 231360, email if you require extra assistance.