Extra elements: a Social Firm trainer

Social Firms UK
Social Firms UK

There is already a wealth of advice and information about general business development in the social enterprise sector.  So 'The Extra Elements: A Social Firm Trainer' has been has been designed purely to fill the gaps specific to setting up and running a Social Firm that they don't cover.  It is therefore a tool that is complimentary to, and should be used alongside, what is already available.  It is split into six parts:

  •      Introduction & acknowledgements
  • A:  What is a Social Firm?
  • B:  How does starting and growing a Social Firm differ from other business development?
  • C:  Developing the right organisational structure for a Social Firm
  • D:  Raising appropriate start-up funding for a Social Firm
  • E:  Developing supplimentary income streams
  • F:  Developing a supportive workplace.