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FREE GUIDE to help people with disabilities & health problems through the benefits maze and into work

*The Permitted Work Guide has been updated to due to increases in the permitted work limits and is correct from October 2010*

Finding a job at the moment is hard enough and if you’re disabled or have a mental health problem it’s even more difficult. Making the leap from relying on benefits to getting a full time job is often simply unrealistic. But part-time work can help to build up skills, confidence and a work record to show to future employers. It also raises the self esteem that comes with earning a wage. However many disabled people who want work are trapped in an incredibly complex web of benefit rules and aren’t aware of what it’s possible to do.

New Equality Laws come in from October

EqualThe Equality Bill, which passed through parliament last Tuesday, will impact on all of us in some way – as individuals, employers, consumers of public services, and bidders for public sector contracts. The Bill is wide-ranging but here are some highlights that Social Firms may be particularly interested in.

From October employers will not be able to ask job applicants about their mental health, or any other details of their medical history, before an interview. This will close a loop that currently allows employers to reject someone on health grounds without even giving them an opportunity to show what they can do.