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Social Firm leads the way in Welfare Reform

Ministers have this week released a statement announcing a brand new employment programme for severely disabled people . ‘Work Choice" will be introduced in October and will sit alongside the Work Programme. It aims to help people who face the most complex and long term barriers into employment.

Throughout the revamp of Welfare to Work, the new coalition government have highlighted the importance of the third sector in delivering innovative services in the heart of the local community.

Pluss is the first and only Social Firm to be selected as a prime provider of the new Work Choice programme; indeed we will be the only Social Firm prime across all current DWP Welfare to Work provision.


Focus on Disability Hate Crime

CPS.jpgNew guidelines have been issued to the police to help increase the number of prosecutions for hate crimes against people with disabilities.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has pledged more support to disabled victims of hate crime after admitting that it needs to 'raise its game' over the issue in England and Wales.  Joanna Perry of the CPS's equality and diversity unit added 'we know that disabled people probably think enough is not being done in this area'.  In addition to the new guidelines, there has been more training for raised awareness.

Chief Constable Steve Otter, from the Association of Chief Police Officers stated: 'There's no doubt we can do more. It's very challenging- we have to make sure our officers are trained properly so they can identify disability and mental health issues.