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tower of colourful people.jpgThis page is being updated however the applications forms are correct from December 2010.

The two standard types of membership are:

  • Full - for emerging Social Firms and Social Firms
  • Associate - for all other interested parties, including potential Social Firms.

Find out here how and why to join.

How to join

  1. Complete an'Associate' new member application form (if you believe you are a Social Firm/emerging Social Firm and should be a Full member, let us know this on your form and we will make contact with you about this).
  2. Return this to Social Firms UK along with a cheque for the appropriate amount or a request to be invoiced. Either post it to: Social Firms UK, Suite 2, Victoria House, 10 Brighton Road, Redhill, Surrey  RH1 6QZ, or email it to:
  3. We'll send you a welcome pack and membership certificate and sign you up for membership benefits.

Why join

There's so much to gain from joining the growing swell of 300 or so Social Firms UK members.  Our members describe us as 'informative, supportive and friendly' (find out more about what they say about us). Join them in enjoying the following member benefits:

Both Associate and Full members receive the following benefits:

  • Help and advice on becoming/running a Social Firm;
  • FREE Social Firm status assessment on request;
  • Reduced delegate fees at the Social Firms UK annual conference and any other seminars/events held during the year;
  • FREE DIY Feasibility Toolkit (£90 to non-members). This helps groups or individuals examine for themselves the feasibility of their business idea and assess whether or not it has the potential to work. Although originally designed for the development of Social Firms, it is an ideal resource for anyone considering the development of a social enterprise. The DIY approach to business feasibility not only saves money on hiring in external expertise but also empowers staff in increasing their sense of ownership of the business and trains them in business feasibility;
  • FREE Third Sector Performance Dashboard (£90 to non-members). This is a user-friendly performance management tool, designed to enable organisations in the third sector to monitor their progress against objectives and report on actual performance. The tool comes complete with templates and samples for organisations to use or adapt as required;
  • FREE downloads of useful HR templates and sample documents;
  • Reduced rates for other useful toolkits, templates and resources e.g. Guide to Charities starting Social Firms (non-members £20, members £10), Template Mem & Arts for a Social Firm Share CIC, or company limited by guarantee (non-members £20, members £10) etc.
  • Access to the online Members Forum including discussion board;
  • Regular news updates on the sector;
  • Significant discount on subscription of Social Enterprise Magazine;
  • Access to membership rates of the Social Enterprise Coalition (SEC), which gives discounted rates at their events and discounts on their publications.
  • usage of the 'Member of Social Firms UK' logo (only for Associate members signing up for three year membership);
  • support and association with the lobbying and awareness-raising work of Social Firms UK to develop and grow the Social Firms sector in the UK.

In addition to the above benefits, Full members also gain from:

  • Access to a FREE helpline on issues surrounding employment law within Social Firm businesses;
  • FREE support and advice on attaining and retaining the Star Social Firm quality standard;
  • Inclusion in national sales & marketing initaitives of Social Firm products and services. This includes listing Social Firms and emerging Social Firms in the online trade directory (www.trade.socialfirms.co.uk) where members have the 'Full Members of Social Firms UK' logo profiled;
  • Representation at a national level, informing the lobbying of government and significant others on behalf of Full Members in order to grow and strengthen the Social Firm sector;
  • Increased opportunities for Social Firm staff to meet with and influence Government;
  • Access to additional business development opportunities - business partnerships, joint contract bids etc. within the Social Firm sector;
  • Brokering to private individuals who have finance, marketing, HR or business development skills which they are willing to bring to Social Firm boards on a voluntary basis;
  • Partnership opportunities with the private sector through Social Firms UK's Corporate Membership Scheme which opens up doors for becoming suppliers to companies and receiving skills and time from private sector staff;
  • Access to additional income opportunities through becoming hosts in the national Work Integration and Social Enterprise Visit Programme across the UK;
  • FREE support and an advice pack on achieving media coverage;
  • usage of the 'Full member of Social Firms UK' logo for promotional purposes e.g. website, brochures.

Cost for Associate Members and all new joining members (2011)

  • January - December (12 months)    £130
  • July - December (6 months)                £90

Save money!

  • If you request three year's membership we'll freeze our annual charge for those three years.
  • Full Members pay £90 for the year, and £60 for the half year.

Anyone joining from Scotland joins via Social Firms Scotland. Everyone across the UK receives the benefits listed above. International members can also join and remotely access many of these benefits.

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