Join Social Firms UK


Join Social Firms UK, enjoy the benefits of membership and help support the development of the Social Firm sector!

We have three main categories of membership:

Anybody can become an Associate Member of Social Firms UK - individuals, Social Services departments, Councils, NHS Trusts, foreign organisations, interested parties etc. All new members to Social Firms UK join as Associate Members - if any new members feel they are developing or operating a Social Firm already then we will assess their status and, if it is felt that they are an emerging or existing Social Firm then they are converted into Full Members at that point. Cost is £130 for 2010.  Find out more about how and why to join by visiting our membership page.

Emerging Social Firms and Social Firms are Full Members, and viewed/treated as 'the sector' for representational purposes. Members benefits differ slightly from those of Associate Members and are more aligned to their status of running businesses and having different needs as a result e.g. only Social Firms and emerging Social Firms can be featured on the online trade directory which promotes the products and services offered by Social Firms around the country. Cost is £90 for 2010. 

Corporate and Network membership is for private sector organisations looking  for support with using Social Firms to support  their corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives, e.g.  through procuring from, buddying or setting up a Social Firm.  Find out more here (cost varies according to size and whether it's Corporate or Network membership).