FAQ: What are Social Firms UK's aims for the next five years?

Our role falls into two main areas:

  • to continue raising the profile and increase the level of understanding of Social Firms generally
  • to actively grow the number of Social Firms in this country through the implementation of initiatives and programmes designed to support the start-up and operation of Social Firm businesses

We have five strategic priorities over the next 5 years:

1) Promote the values and increase the level of understanding around the Social Firm model

2) Facilitate the start up, development and growth of new Social Firm businesses and strengthen those already in existence

3) Serve and grow the membership effectively and efficiently, determining and meeting their needs

4) Lead on R&D initiatives to drive development, production and promotion of new and existing resources

5) Ensure that Social Firms UK has sufficient financial and personnel resources in order to be able to carry out its objectives

We worked on a franchising and licensing project in 2005 and 2006 called 'Flagship Firms'. At the beginning of 2008 we launched an accreditation scheme called the Star Social Firm quality standard (www.starsocialfirms.co.uk).  In 2009 we launched the national social enterprise visit programme (www.visitsocialenterprise.co.uk). On an ongoing basis we introduce new tools and resources to help emerging Social Firms and Social Firms manage their own performance better and prove their own value to internal and external stakeholders. See our Resource Centre Library and our Products and Tools page in 'About us'.