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The Star Social Firm is a relatively new quality standard for Social Firms that was launched in early 2008. It is awarded to Social Firms that have proved the quality of their business and the employment they provide for severely disadvantaged people. Star Social Firms are companies that have proved to be thriving, sustainable businesses, where staff say, 'this is a good place to work!'

The Star Social Firm quality standard - the first in the social enterprise sector - has been developed by Social Firms UK and, externally validated by SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative). Whilst the process for achieving the Star Social Firm quality standard is rigorous, it is one that any well run Social Firm can achieve without difficulty.

Go to the Star Social Firm website at to find out more about:

  • why Social Firms UK developed the Star Social Firm quality standard ;
  • the criteria for becoming a Star Social Firm;
  • how to apply to become a Star Social Firm;
  • Social Firms that have achieved Star Social Firm status;
  • Star Social Firm Assessors.  
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